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These can now manage basic processes of monitoring, measuring, counting or even seeing. The result: As information tools and predictive dynamics are more widely adopted, our lives will be increasingly affected by their inherent conclusions and the narratives they spawn.” “The overall impact of ubiquitous algorithms is presently incalculable because the presence of algorithms in everyday processes and transactions is now so great, and is mostly hidden from public view.All of our extended thinking systems (algorithms fuel the software and connectivity that create extended thinking systems) demand more thinking – not less – and a more global perspective than we have previously managed.That, by itself, is a tall order that requires impartial experts backtracking through the technology development process to find the models and formulae that originated the algorithms.Then, keeping all that learning at hand, the experts need to soberly assess the benefits and deficits or risks the algorithms create. Who has the time, the budget and resources to investigate and recommend useful courses of action?[See “About this canvassing of experts” for further details about the limits of this sample.] Participants were asked to explain their answers, and most wrote detailed elaborations that provide insights about hopeful and concerning trends.Respondents were allowed to respond anonymously; these constitute a slight majority of the written elaborations.

In fact, everything people see and do on the web is a product of algorithms.

He replied: “‘If every algorithm suddenly stopped working, it would be the end of the world as we know it.’ (Pedro Domingo’s Fact: We have already turned our world over to machine learning and algorithms.

The question now is, how to better understand and manage what we have done? And most importantly for those who don’t create algorithms for a living – how do we educate ourselves about the way they work, where they are in operation, what assumptions and biases are inherent in them, and how to keep them transparent?

Following that introductory section there is a much more in-depth look at respondents’ thoughts tied to each of the themes. There is fairly uniform agreement among these respondents that algorithms are generally invisible to the public and there will be an exponential rise in their influence in the next decade.

A representative statement of this view came from Barry Chudakov, founder and principal at Sertain Research and Stream Fuzion Corp.

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The expanding collection and analysis of data and the resulting application of this information can cure diseases, decrease poverty, bring timely solutions to people and places where need is greatest, and dispel millennia of prejudice, ill-founded conclusions, inhumane practice and ignorance of all kinds.

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