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Sama sem bila z njima na njuni 90 minutni vožnji in uživala na polno.

Počutila sem se, kot da se družim z lokalnima prijateljema in s prve roke izvedela veliko zanimivosti o življenju v Amsterdamu, kar je meni osebno najboljši način spoznavanja kultur in odkrivanja novih mest.

One of the lesser-known areas worth checking out is definitely Amsterdam-Noord, a hip uptown district on the other side of the river.

What used to be an industrial part of the city is now a super cool creative hub, so if you have a day to spare, hop on a free 5-minute ferry from the central station and get exploring!

My favourite thing about it is how small but diverse it is.

Next you can stretch your legs and hop on a bike to continue exploring Amsterdam like a proper local!I may or may not have had gin at 10 o'clock in the morning...To rent a whole boat (captain included), which sits 12 people, it will cost you €250, but you can obviously go with friends or pair up with other explorers, in which case it works out €20 for each. Po adrenalinski izkušnji pa prija malo sprostitve...I don't often return to places I've already visited, no matter how much I love them and wish to go back.I want to see as much of our beautiful planet and experience as many cultures as possible, so revisiting the same spots over and over again is something I generally try to avoid.

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